SkyClimb Mezzalama by Dynafit is an international competition affiliated with F.I.Sky and open to teams of 2 athletes being 18 years old at the date of the event , who may be of same or different nationality.

The competition takes place primarily on glacial terrain and therefore in the presence of crevasses, ice, snow and steep slopes requiring use of  UIAA-approved harness, rope and crampons.



To take part in the SkyClimb Mezzalama, athletes must possess an appropriate medical certificate of suitability for competitive sports (B1) in the following disciplines: athletics, skyrunning, mountaineering, ski mountaineering.

With the application to participate, each athlete must include a brief mountaineering and skyrunning curriculum for use in the selection process.

All athletes are invited to inspect the route in the days prior to the competition, at least as far as the start of the glacial terrain, to ensure that it is perfectly appropriate for their abilities and experience.

A ranking will be prepared on the basis of the following parameters:

  1. ITRA score of no less than 600 points for men, 450 points for women
  2. Experience in Skyrace and Skymarathon competitions (as defined in the ISF classification): at least three skyrunning competitions entered and completed between 2016 and 2021, including at least one skymarathon over 35km
  3. Athletes who do not have an ITRA score will be evaluated on the basis of their positioning in the principal competitions in “La Grande Course”

The final result will be a combination of experience and performance potential.

Each athlete’s curriculum vitae will be of essential importance for deciding whether to admit the team. Applications in which athletes have not filled in the CV part of the form will not be taken into consideration.



The athletes admitted will receive a confirmation message at the email address indicated on the registration form, and must then duly pay their registration fees.

If the registration fees are not paid, the team will be excluded from the list of participating teams and replaced by the next-highest ranking team on the waiting list.



The competition is open to a maximum of 80 teams for a total of 160 competitors. This number may vary according to the mountain conditions, and in any case at the sole discretion of the race organisers.

Athletes must submit their registration to the Organising Committee, which, after having examined the requisites of each, will confirm participation.

Once 80 teams have been confirmed, additional teams with suitable characteristics will be added to a waiting list and selected in order if other teams cancel.

Individual participation fee: € 100.00 (€ 200 per team)

Individual participation fee for F.I.Sky members: € 95.00 (€ 190.00 per team)


The registration fee for each athlete includes, in addition to organisational services and the safety and assistance service provided during the event, 1 starter gift offered by the main sponsor Dynafit, refreshments in the finish area and a packed lunch for the day of the competition.




tel.: +39 3485252973


REGISTRATION from 5 June to 24 August 2021, exclusively via internet at


2.2    Categories

Female (single category)

Male (single category)

Mixed teams will fall under the male category


2.3     Results

The overall results and the female results will be published


2.4    Prizes

In the Edition Zero 2021, prizes in kind will be offered by technical sponsor Dynafit and by local producers in the Val d’Ayas area.

The Organising Committee will add cash prizes beginning in 2022.


3. THE ROUTE (about 25km; 2,533 m elevation gain)

The route begins with a climb through larch woods to the village of Fiery (1878m).  From here, the climb is less steep, heading diagonally to the right toward Pian di Verra (2050m).

After crossing this stretch of level ground, a path leads to the Blue Lake (2215m). The route then follows the steep line of the glacial moraine to Rifugio Mezzalama (3036m). Above this level, we encounter typical pre-glacial rocky terrain, with an easy, level tongue of ice taking us to the foot of the steep rocks of Lambronecca, at the top of which is the Rifugio delle Guide di Ayas (3400m).

At the Rifugio Guide di Ayas is the first FEED ZONE (organised in compliance with anti-COVID19 regulations) and EQUIPMENT CHANGE. Here participants will put on a harness and crampons and rope up in preparation to face the dangers of the glacier. Slopes are moderate until we come to the Verra Pass (3848m).

The most challenging, technical part of the competition is the climb to the Castore (4226m) on the western wall, following the classic Mezzalama route. The descent will be down the eastern crest and Felik glacier to Rifugio Quintino Sella (3585m).

Here there will be another FEED ZONE (organised in compliance with anti-COVID19 regulations) and EQUIPMENT CHANGE. Ropes and crampons will be removed.

A high rocky crest properly fitted out leads to the scree quickly taking us to Bettolina Pass (about 3000m). Here, we leave the convenient, well-travelled path to Colle della Bettaforca and descend along a steep track to Pian di Verra Inferiore, a thousand metres lower down.

A stand of larch trees provides shelter for an easy path to Rifugio Ferraro and Rifugio Guide Frachey (2060) in Résy, followed by a final steep descent to Saint Jacques.


The entire route will be marked out with flags, ribbons and staff.

It is obligatory to follow the marked route, and those who do not do so will be penalised or disqualified.

Bibs must remain visible at all times during the competition. In the event of poor weather, the bib must be worn over the jacket to ensure that it is visible.

The organisers reserve the right to temporarily suspend or definitively interrupt the competition for some or all competitors in the presence of situations that could seriously compromise the safety of the athletes or other persons present along the route (such as helicopter rescue operations, falling rocks, etc.).

In the event of particularly difficult weather conditions, the organisers may decide to suspend the competition even once it is under way: in this case, the ranking will be drawn up on the basis of passage at the last checkpoint.




Mountaineering equipment must be UIAA-approved. “Do-it-yourself” changes are not allowed.


- trail running shoes incorporating gaiters, allowing a rapid and safe attachment of crampons

- UIAA 105 approved harness

- “via ferrata” certified set (UIAA 128) with energy absorbing system

- classic crampons (min. 10 points) with the 6 front points made of steel

- 1 ice axe: min length 45 cm compliant with UIAA 152 standard 


- thermal clothing*

*the organisers will announce any additions to clothing that may be required on the basis of weather conditions

- 1 screw lock carabiner

- 1 pair of gloves + 1 spare pair

- CE EN12492 approved helmet

- mobile phone with the organisers’ number stored in memory




- One  12m long rope, min. 8mm wide, certified “whole rope”


All obligatory equipment must be brought to the finish line. If an athlete is found to be without any of this material at any point during the route or at the finish, penalties will be applied in accordance with F.I.Sky – ISF regulations.


5     Refreshment points

There will be 2 refreshment points along the route plus the final refreshment point at the finish line. Due to the pandemic, it will not be possible to use self-service catering, and refreshments will be limited to water, energy bars and gel.


6       Time barriers

There will be a maximum time barrier at the Rifugio Guide di Ayas at Lambronecca.


Athletes who do not meet the established time barrier will be excluded from the competition. Excluded athletes who were late for reasons other than their physical condition must go back, strictly following the route taken up to that point in reverse, following the instructions given by safety staff.


Athletes who fail to comply with the time barrier due to physical and/or health reasons will be taken care of and accompanied back by the Organisers.


At the time barrier, and at any point along the way, the Organisers may decide, on the basis of the final and unchallengeable opinion of the medical staff, to exclude competitors who are not considered physically capable of continuing to participate in the competition even if they reach the time barrier on time.


The maximum amount of time allowed for completing the competition is 7 hours.


Upon expiration of the maximum time allowed for completing the competition route, the Guides will travel the entire route, after which no further assistance will be provided along the route.


7       Timing

Timing will take place with a chip. Each athlete will be given a chip to be applied to his or her helmet along with the bib and the starter gift.


8       Postponement

If adverse weather conditions prevent the competition from being held on 28 August 2021, the SkyClimb may be scheduled on for Sunday, 29 August.


9       Cancellation

If the competition must be cancelled for reasons of force majeure beyond the organisers’ control (such as the pandemic, dangerous weather conditions, or orders of law enforcement officers), registration fees will be refunded after subtraction of any banking fees, as follows:


  • 100% if cancellation is announced before 28 July 2021
  • 70% if cancellation is announced on or after 29 July
  • Alternatively, athletes may decide not to receive a refund but to consider their registration fees already paid for the 2022 event


10     Accreditation of registered athletes

The competition kit, timing chip and bib may be picked up between 3 PM and 7 PM on Friday, 27 August.  Athletes will be provided with detailed information one week prior to the event via e-mail.


11     Start and technical briefing

At 7:30 AM in the centre of Saint Jacques in Val d’Ayas (AO)


Athletes must report to the starting area between 6:30 and 7:00 AM in order to attend a technical briefing prior to the start.


12     Controls

Checkpoints will be set up along the route, announced in the technical briefing on the day of the competition. Failure to pass even a single one of these checkpoints will result in disqualification.


13     Abandoning the race

Competitors who abandon the race must obligatorily report to a checkpoint, showing the bib assigned to them. If the competitor abandoning the race does not require medical assistance, the athlete must return independently, along the marked route, notifying the nearest checkpoint. Athletes who abandon the competition voluntarily and not for reasons of physical impediment shall, upon notifying the staff along the route, no longer be provided with assistance by the Organisers. Athletes who abandon the race for reasons other than physical difficulties will therefore return under their own responsibility, and the Organisers shall not be liable for them.


IMPORTANT: the emergency medical services helicopter will intervene only if requested by the competition organisers.


14     Accidents

In the event of an accident, inform the nearest checkpoint or aid point along the route.


15     Complaints

Any complaints following the race must be filed with the judges within 30 minutes of the posting of the finishing order, with a deposit of €50.00, which will be refunded if the claim is accepted.


16     Penalties and disqualification

Loss of crampons, non-compliant use of the rope or any other conduct that jeopardises the safety of the team or of the other competitors in the race will result in immediate disqualification.

A penalty of ten minutes, or disqualification in the event of repeat offences, will be applied to athletes who discard waste along the route or fail to comply with the safety regulations or the instructions of staff members supervising particularly dangerous points on the route.


17     Extra supplies and external aid

No external aid is permitted for safety reasons, on pain of disqualification.


18     Assistance

The Organisers will provide assistance during the competition, with the support of Alpine Guides at the most difficult points along the route. The Organisers will call emergency services if it should be necessary.




All matters not specifically addressed in these regulations shall be subject to F.I.Sky-ISF 2021 regulations.