The Covid-19 protocol for the SkyClimb Mezzalama by Dynafit is based on the special regulations published by the Italian Skyrunning Federation (F.I.Sky) and forms part of the 2021 Regulations.  These regulations complement but do not replace national, regional or local regulations governing interpersonal distancing, public hygiene and use of personal protective equipment, as well as access to the competition location and use of hotel and restaurant services.

Athletes who violate the Protocol will be immediately disqualified.



The Organisers will appoint a Covid Manager to be directly in charge of infection prevention and control.

All those actively involved in organising the competition must show their COVID-19 certificate (Green Pass).

All those actively involved in organising the competition must wear a face covering in indoor settings. Although, as of 28 June 2021, it is no longer compulsory to wear a mask outdoors, it is advisable to do so and you must in any case have one with you at all times.


 Participants and accompanying persons coming from abroad must present:

  1. a) A valid Green Pass or EU Digital COVID Certificate;
  2. b) Alternatively: a certificate or test in English, German or other language accepted by the organisers, certifying negativity to Covid 19. The test (presented directly or by means of a certificate) must have been carried out within 72 hours prior to entry into Italy, in the case of molecular testing, and within 48 hours prior to entry into the country, in the case of antigen tests;
  3. c) Alternatively: in the absence of this test / certification at the time of entry into Italy, the molecular or antigen test must be carried out in Italy in the 24 hours prior to the race;
  4. d) Alternatively: a certificate, in English, German or other language accepted by the organisers, certifying recovery from a Covid 19 infection contracted in the last 6 months;
  5. e) Alternatively: a certificate in English, German or other language accepted by the organisers, certifying that you have been vaccinated against Covid 19.


  • The area in which the competition kit/bibs/timer chips are handed out will have a separate entrance and exit.
  • If athletes have to line up to enter the competition kit area, they must stand at least one metre apart.
  • Forehead temperature will be taken at the entrance to the area. Hand sanitisation points will be set up.
  • Each competitor must come to the area to pick up their competition kit, bib and timer chip in person, wearing a face mask.
  • Competitors must sanitise their hands before showing their Green Pass and handing in the SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) Health Questionnaire, fully-filled and signed, which will be sent to the athletes via email
  • In the absence of a Green Pass and of a fully-compiled and signed SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) Health Questionnaire, the bib, competition kit and chip will not be provided.
  • No-one may pick up a bib, competition kit and chip on behalf of another competitor, or hand in the SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) Health Questionnaire for them.



Athletes admitted to the competition will receive an email containing complete information on the route, equipped and supervised areas, refreshment points, exit routes and rescue procedures.
A technical briefing will be held outdoors, at the start line, half an hour before the start. If personal distancing cannot be guaranteed, you will be required to wear a face covering.

Full information on the race will also be available on the internet site



The “race area” includes the course itself, the start area, the finish area and the check-points and refreshment areas along the competition route.

The only persons admitted to the “race area” will be the competitors, accredited technicians, judges and other competition officials, rescue and technical assistance personnel at check-points and refreshment areas, guides, photographers and accredited reporters. From 28 June, it is no longer compulsory for everyone in the “race area” to wear a face covering in outdoor settings, provided physical distancing of at least 1 metre is maintained.

The public may not access the “race area”.

The presence of spectators outside the “race area” shall be regulated by national, regional and local regulations in effect and not by this protocol.



The start area shall be cordoned off and accessible only to competitors.
Competitors will access the start area at a single point, where a record of attendance shall be kept and forehead temperatures taken.
It is obligatory for everyone admitted to the start area to wear a protective face mask.

Athletes in the start area must stay at least one metre apart. Distancing at the start of the race will be marked with lanes, ribbons and horizontal markings.

Competitors who leave any material in the start area will be disqualified.



Competitors not wearing a bib, those without a Green Pass or who have not personally handed their SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) Health Questionnaire to the organisers, or in the case of foreign competitors, who have not provided the documentation under paragraph 3, will not be allowed to enter the start area.
To access the start area, competitors must wear a race bib and face mask.

Body temperature will be measured at the forehead on entry to the start area, and must not exceed 37.5°C.
If this temperature is higher than this, a second reading will be taken 5 (five) minutes later, and the competitor will not be admitted to the competition field but will be directed to the competent medical authorities.

It is obligatory for competitors to wear a protective face mask up until the start of the race, and will only be able to lower it one minute before the start.

Competitors must therefore keep their face mask with them for the entire duration of the race, and may not discard it or give it to someone else. Unless otherwise indicated by the Covid Manager, face masks must be put on again at the finish line, once the athlete has had a reasonable amount of time to catch his breath and recover his/her energy, and in any case before leaving the finish area.
Discarding the face mask will result in immediate disqualification of the competitor, who may be subject to more serious penalties under current health and safety regulations.

It is obligatory for competitors who leave the start area after entering to have their temperature measured again when they return.

The start of the competition may be staggered to ensure distancing between competitors.



Bags, equipment and personal effects may not be handed directly to the Organisers to be picked up after the race, and the competition staff may not receive, touch or move competitors’ materials or equipment.

A restricted, supervised area where athletes can change and leave their bags will be made available. 

No shower service will be provided.




Competitors must stay at least approximately two metres apart during the race.
When passing another competitor, they must do so as quickly as possible.

Competitors must not proceed side by side during the race.

Discarding any kind of material (face masks, wastes, clothing, etc…) is strictly prohibited and shall result in immediate disqualification.



Two refreshment points will be set up along the route and marked off, and will be accessible only to athletes wearing a competition bib.
The refreshment points will be organised so that the competitors can serve themselves, with single disposable containers for drinks and single-portion packages of food.

Competitors must place disposable containers and discarded material in the containers provided.
Competitors who discard disposable containers and waste material outside the containers provided will be disqualified.

A competition judge will be present at each refreshment point, with the power to stop and immediately disqualify athletes.



The finish area will be cordoned off to prevent public access.
Only competitors, judges and other competition officials, rescue and technical assistance workers, and accredited reporters and photographers will be allowed to access the finish area.

Everyone admitted to the finish area must wear a protective face mask if it is not possible to maintain sufficient social distancing.

After passing the finish line, if it is not possible to maintain sufficient social distancing competitors must put on their face mask and leave the finish area as quickly as possible.

Competitors who pass the finish line will be given a tote bag containing everything necessary for initial refreshment and a packed lunch to be consumed outside the finish area.



To prevent gatherings, race results will not be displayed and cannot be distributed in printed form, but will be published on the event’s web site.

The awards will be presented in a special cordoned-off area adjacent to the finish area, in compliance with social distancing regulations.

If it is not possible to maintain sufficient social distancing during the prize-giving ceremony, competitors and staff must wear face coverings.

Any awards not collected during the official awards ceremony will be sent in the days that follow to the address provided at the time of registration.